Friday, 18 July 2008

Paging Derek Nimmo

It's always a pleasure to see people attempt to be "groovy" when they are clearly such strangers to grooviness that, were they to be placed in the same room, they would spend a deeply uncomfortable 10 minutes talking about the congestion on the A38 before one of them made up a story about having to go to the lavatory just to get away. This effort - sent in from a reader - manages to be awful twice. Once in the covering letter - the phrase "top spinners" has been outlawed since summer 1975 - and then again (and again) in the actual press release, a piece of writing that is, in fact, a lot more entertaining than standing in a tent listening to mouth-breathers from The Horrors and Mystery Jets play crappy records.

Monica Sondhi from Edelman writes: "You can get down and party with them, whilst they are busting out the records that they rock to."

I defy anyone to find - before, say, Christmas - a more ridiculous phrase than that in a press release. There is a prize for the person that does.

Bizarre idea this – six acts, all playing in the same tent, “throughout the festival”. Probably will break some sort of record, but not exactly easy listening.

From: Foster, Roy []
Sent: 17 July 2008 09:43
Subject: Underage Festival: Habbo tent DJ line-up revealed

Today Habbo, the largest virtual worlds for teens, announces the DJ line-up for the Habbo tent and the Underage Festival 2008.

On August 8th, the Habbo tent will host top spinners including Faris Rotter, Frederick Blood-Royale, Good Shoes, Kid Harpoon, Mystery Jets and Young Turks. Each will play an exclusive set throughout the festival.

We have a number of tickets to give away as competition prizes for the Underage Festival, do let me know if you are interested or would like any further information.


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