Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Women: Is The News Too Hard For You To Understand?

If so, I have great news. June Sarpong has launched a "lifestyle" website that aims to help. Read the following press release first (I liked the bit about "honest" - PR'd - celebrity gossip and the crapola about "Stylish News") then have a look at the actual result. The Lily Cole "blog" is, quite honestly, the worst thing I have ever read on the internet.
EDIT: LiS reader Rhodri has pointed out that Lily Cole's blog has been removed. Why was it ever allowed up?

In July 2008 television personality and broadcaster June Sarpong will launch her newly created lifestyle website: Fusing politics with gossip, entertainment with fashion and news with celebrity blogs Politics and the City will act as an original platform for young women to discover global news and express their own opinions on current issues.

June’s decision to create Politics and the City derived from a growing concern that broadcasters, within programmes for young people, were avoiding allocating regular time to politics or news. June recognised that young people were interested in these topics and needed a space in which they could learn about both their favourite celebrity and discover what was happening in politics and news across the world.

The site will house an array of exciting celebrity blogs including Kylie Minogue. Lilly Cole, Tamara Mellon, Kelly Hoppen, Charlotte Stockdale, Natasha Bedingfield, Kathy Lette, Shami Chakrabarti, Baroness Amos and many more

June Sarpong says “I’m thrilled and excited to be launching Politics And the City making politics more accessible for a younger audience has been a long passion of mine and having so many inspiring and interesting women be part of it makes it even more meaningful”

The site is split into five main sections each specialising in it’s own area of news and popular culture:

Politics in the City – Politics in the city provides an accessible look at what’s happening in politcs both nationally and globally
Glossy Wire – Glossy wire is the celebrity news source filled with celebrity personal blogs and the latest in honest celebrity gossip
Informed Post – The latest national and international news presented in a style that speaks to the woman who wants to know today what is happening tomorrow
Stylish News – Stylish News is the destination site for women who demand up to date knowledge of all aspects of style and beauty
Daily Melody – Offering news, reviews and interviews, the Daily Melody is a must for any music lover

For more information please call Nick Rogers or Celena Aponte at The Outside Organisation


Rhodri said...

That blog post is just astounding.

"She drinks from champagne bottles, cavorts Justin Timberlake etc etc. Her body find myself more interested in the crowd."

FFS, as they say.

Lost In Showbiz said...

it's not terribly good, is it?

Rhodri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
oneofthose said...

This is so great. That Clare woman with her inexplicable dog blog is amazing too:

"I guess it’s my take on spirituality with a sprinkle of glamour but seems to strike a chord with other women facing
the same challenges and issues in a sometimes confusing world."

A website with the sole intention of finding as many lengthy ways of saying "women are idiots" as possible. I love it.

Rhodri said...

They've taken the offending blog down. Finally.