Monday, 1 September 2008

The Cream Is Over

This is the sort of press release that makes being alive just that little bit more painful than it needs to be. In equal measures witless and declamatory, a small part of you wants to die when you think it's someone's job to email you a load of guff about a nitespot you have no interest in whatsoever. This LiS reader from a leafy corner of North London clearly feels that pain:

How does this release detract from the otherwise simple glory of my day-to-day life? Well:
1. The phrase "dance supremos" makes my breakfast rise in my gullet.
2. The idea that you "come of age" at 16 is, clearly, nonsense. A quick glance here will confirm that.
3. Cream: "one of the world's most influential club's", one of the world's most influential club's what?
4. Does anyone else find the idea of hanging out at "one of the world's longest running superclubs" as unnappealing as me? Surely people are over the whole superclub thing now? That sculpted-bearded, jewellery-jingling DJ playing "big room" tunes to gormless rave cattle nonsense?
Oh dear :(

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simon h b said...

Do you still celebrate the 16th birthday of a child who died six years ago?