Monday, 15 September 2008

Snow Isn't Falling, All Around, Children Aren't Singing, Or Having Fun...

I'll tell you what, the weekend was a bit hot, wasn't it? Especially when you consider that - hello! - according to Shani Shaker at JCPR it's The Festive Season already! Or, as a reader sat deep within the bowels of a globally feared media organisation has it:

It's September 15! It's not Christmas! Even the High Street shops don't claim it's actually Christmas yet and they are total bastards. Christ on a bloody sledge!

From: "Shaker, Shani" []
Subject: Unleash your inner Kitten Vixen

It’s that time of year again…The fairy lights are going up, the mistletoe is strategically placed, fires are crackling, mulled wine is brewing...yes it’s Christmas! More importantly, it’s time to crack out that sparkly dress and shiny shoes because it’s party season! Kitten Vixen’s creative director Geraldine Shaker gives her expert tips on how to achieve siren style glamour this festive season...

Shani Shaker
Account Director

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