Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Who's For More Anxiety And Disdain?

Here's a great marketing idea, why not employ someone to tell every journalist in the country that your new record is an unmitigated disaster? Oh! You have! This absolute copper-bottomed classic just in from an LiS reader situated behind a large desk at a central London media hub:

Either the album "draws on many defining facets of the Faint's sound" or it sounds "completely different from anything else they've put out". It can't do both, Rachel. As for the rest of the paragraph, words fail me...

----- Forwarded on 02/09/08 16:19 -----
"Rachel Silver \(Silver PR\)"

To: Rachel Silver

Fasciination is an album that draws on many defining facets of The Faint's sound, while remaining completely different from anything else they've put out. BRILLIANT START! Todd's voice sounds less human than ever before GREAT!; the bass lines are more mangled OH, REALLY?, keyboards spiral and squeal out of control UH-HUH; electronic pings and stabs invade the melodies, WHAT? ALL OF THEM?; the lyrical anxiety and disdain of previous albums pervades almost every song. AND FOR THAT REASON, I'M OUT...

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Dave the Flack said...

From silverpr.co.uk:

"Silver PR is responsible for bringing bands such as Erase Errata, Ex Models, Panthers and Coachwhips to public notice in the UK - not forgetting home-grown bands such as Gin Palace, The Hells and Electric Shocks."


Although if they feel the concept of a palace of gin is new, they obviously haven't been down Old Compton Street on a Friday night. Arf arf.