Friday, 19 September 2008

"The ultimate toy that adults will want to play with..."

Yes, quite... This just in from an LiS reader sat in an agreeable office space in central London:

Because "adult toy" couldn't possibly have any other meaning now, could it?

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One of the world’s most exciting online toy shops has snapped up the exclusive UK rights to what it thinks will be a sure-fire winner this Christmas. “The FunFlyStick is the ultimate toy that adults will want to play with,” says former BBC science producer Hendrik Ball, who set up Grand Illusions a decade ago with world-renowned toy collector Tim Rowett.

The ”magic” of the FunFlyStick is holding in your hand a wand that can levitate and then control the movement of a metallic shape in mid-air ...... Move over Harry Potter! Its Russian inventors offered it to Grand Illusions after they recognised Tim at the New York Toy Fair. “The scientists who invented it are bristling with Ph.D.s. It’s only their second toy ... it’s really very flattering they’ve offered it to us,” said Hendrik.

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