Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Finally! The Les McKeown "Sex" Party We've All Been Waiting For!

This just in from an LiS reader on the "inside":

I promised myself I would stop sending press releases to Lost in Showbiz. And then this absolute monstrosity came in...

From: Emilee Alexson []
Sent: 23 September 2008 15:04
To: 'Emilee Alexson'
Subject: 'Carry On' Sex Party - The Ultimate - Les McKeown and his Legendary SHE MEANS "legendary" BAY CITY ROLLERS Private Concert

Wednesday 1st October – Dolce, 10 Air Street – 8pm - Late and OK! Magazine bring the 4th part of a year long campaign to feel good about yourself to the first 6* Nightclub in London Dolce THIS BIT IS MEANINGLESS.

‘Roller mania’ is back in London NO IT ISN'T with a private concert from the UK’s Original Boy band, Les McKeown and his legendary BAY CITY ROLLERS one of the highest selling acts of 1975 ONE OF THE GREAT RUBBISH FACTS OF ALL TIME THERE, hot new electro girl band The Bangbangs WHO?and rapper 10shot DOUBLE WHO?the evening is set to make history NO IT ISN'T (AGAIN).

Following the past, eccentric themes of Botox Barbie and Tropical, what is more of a Human Hi than ‘Carry On’ Sex! With a mix of celebrities and fun and frisky surprises, from sex toys from We-Vibe to sexy outfits, the photo opportunities are endless KILL. ME. NOW.

If you were around in the 1970s, you won’t be able to forget ‘Rollermania’, the craziness that could erupt with just a mention of the Bay City Rollers’ name. It even out-did the infamous Beatles mania SHE MEANS "BEATLEMANIA", OBV, a top promoter (THIS BIT IS BALLS) has said: "I was in the road crew for the Beatles. But I have never seen anything like this Rollermania." At the very centre of this hysteria, was Les McKeown who became the band’s lead singer in 1973 when he was just 18-years-old. Within two years, he shot to worldwide fame, graced the pages of countless magazines and was the subject of almost every teen girl’s dreams.

The Director of HumanHi is ‘Real Life Barbie’ Sarah Burge She’s British upper class, outspoken, demanding, gorgeously wacky and totally plastic apart from the boobs. She has appeared on TV and Radio around the world and now she’s boarding a plane to the USA EH?. In the UK she was on morning TV’s most popular programmes GMTV and This Morning as well as a variety of other prime time terrestrial TV programmes such as Channel 4’s Richard & Judy and Celebrity Ding Dong OH DEAR :(. She has become a cult figure in Japan after her “Life as Barbie” docudrama was broadcast to 14 million viewers on Japan’s largest national television network Nipon TV – and now she needs bodyguards to hold back the crowds when she visits Japan KEEP GOING, NEARLY THERE! Sarah is without any doubt Super Woman “Pass me the Radiesse, where’s the Bollinger Darling?”! I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS EITHER, SORRY

Emilee Alexson

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