Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Oh No! All This Cosmic-Bruk-Funk Has Led To An Explosion Of Broken Boogie Beats!

If I ran a PR school, my first lesson would consist of sitting everyone in front of a huge blackboard on which I had daubed the legend, "Never Attempt To Be Groovy - It Is Excruciating." Sadly, no one's told Paddy at Universal Vibes, so he ploughs on and on as if he's filling a bit of space on an unloved page somewhere near the back of a mouth-breathing idiot-fest like iDJ. Or, as LiS regular has it:

OK, this just makes me feel old, but then again it also reads like an amazing piece of bluffery from someone who's never actually heard any dance music, and thus I salute it.

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Here's our next digital release, with a link to download the full quality mp3 package...please drop us a line and let us know what you think (good or bad), and of course if you're going to review let us know....

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Universal Vibes Label Update

1) BST
2) Diagonally
3) Season Of Change- (Tim Scott mix)
4) Season Of Change- (Chris Barker mix)
5) Slow burner (Soulphonic remix)

For this release we welcome Tim Scott back to the label and revisit the second release (Tim's Season Of Change ep). Season of Change part 2 features two new tracks as well as 3 remixes from the first ep

First up, new track BST sees Tim in a disco/house frame of mind, creating a warm chugging groove full of smooth Rhodes keys, arpeggiated synths and choppy guitars over a solid boogie drum pattern. THIS IS GOOD, KEEP GOING! The second new track, diagonally is a downtempo track with Tim's distinct sound coming right through, part Balearic,part urban groove over heavy beats. RIGHT ON!

Season Of Change was the lead track on the first EP, a warm, beat driven vocal piece of quality soulful music. Featuring the vocal talents of Neve, over Tim's bumping beats, aimed squarely at the dancefloor and here it gets 2 heavy remixes. First up Tim himself gives the track a full broken beat dub treatment, chopping the vocal and sitting it behind electronic synths and the kind of heavy beats and basslines that would fit right in at Co-op. I GUESS YOU DON'T MEAN THE SUPERMARKET? Next up Chris Barker steps up and turns the track into a cosmic-bruk-funk stepper. WE CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH OF THEM! Chris Barker makes heavy broken beat and house bangers. INNIT! Although a relatively new producer to the scene, he has DJ'd at heavyweight institutions like Chibuku Shake Shake and Jigsaw Music. He also works alongside Si Murray (Cronk Family Enterprises) on material, some of which is bringing on support from major underground players like Still Music.

Finally, label head Paddy Freeform THIRD PERSON! I LIKE IT! turns in a remix of Slowburner under his Soulphonic production alias. He takes the midtempo disco infused groove, ups the tempo and dubs it right out YEAH! before overlaying warm synths and 4/4 tech beats to drag the track into a darker corner of the dancefloor. DON'T STOP - OH, YOU HAVE!

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