Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Now Wash Your Mind

Have you, like me, been waiting for a fresh new take on the PostSecret "phenomenon"? Well, aren't we the lucky little buggers then, as now we have Artintimity, an idea that involves you sitting on the thunderbox and drawing something "pithy" before sending the result to an hilarious website. But before you get too - ahem - bogged down in the details, ask yourself this (preferably without screaming), "What is the point? Why, outside of some monstrous desire to waste even more of my already short life on nonsensical fripperies than I already do, should I even consider this? Why even look at the website? For the love of God, who cares?" Or, as an LiS regular has it:

"This is all free, of course". Free, yes, but also mental.

From: emilie d [mailto:emiliesonny@gmail.com]
Sent: 18 September 2008 09:11
Subject: News release (Blogosphere)


There's probably no where SHE MEANS "NOWHERE" you're most SHE MEANS "MORE"alone than in the privacy of a toilet stall, or so goes the theory behind the oddly named new startup, Artintimity.

Artintimity offers a new take on the PostSecret phenomenon OH GOOD and that new take involves toilet paper. Seriously. So, if you happen to be alone in a stall, you might as well take a moment to draw your thoughts together, scrawl something poetic on the toilet paper beside you, kindly take a picture of it, and, finally, when you've got the chance, THIS SENTENCE IS MAKING MY HEAD HURT email it to Artintimity. You'll feel relieved. This is all free, of course.

If you don't feel like sharing your secrets on toilet paper, feel free to browse the thoughts of those who did in Artintimity's archives. Or wait for the personalized line of toilet paper that's coming soon.

Learn more about this new project at www.artintimity.com

Best wishes,

Emilie Sonny

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